Airdrops get destroyed by infected

Dayz Chernarus April 27, 2024

Just a heads up: Airdrops are now at risk of being destroyed by infected.
Stay vigilant and be prepared when claiming those valuable supplies.
Happy looting!

DayZ Update 1.25

Dayz Chernarus April 21, 2024

 What to Expect - New Weapon, New Sounds, Fixes and More


AI's accuracy

Dayz Chernarus April 21, 2024

Hey everyone, Exciting news! I've made some adjustments to the AI on our DayZ server to enhance the gameplay experience.
The AI's accuracy has been lowered from 45% to 22%, and their damage output has been reduced from 40% to 15%.
This means encounters with AI should be a bit more manageable and less punishing.

Now you can strategize and take on challenges with a better chance of survival.
Dive back into the world of DayZ and see how these changes impact your gameplay.

As always, your feedback is valuable, so let me know what you think! Enjoy exploring and surviving in our modified environment.
Happy gaming, and may your loot be plentiful!