Q1: Why can't I log in to the server with the name "Survivor"?

  • A: The server does not allow the name "Survivor" for login due to restrictions set by the server administrators. You must change your nickname to successfully log in.

Q2: How do I change my nickname in the Steam launcher?

  • A: Follow these steps to change your nickname in the Steam launcher:
    1. Open dayz and go to parameters and then All parameters
    2. Sellect Profile Name And choose your nickname
    3. Launch the game.

Q3: What is DZSA Launcher, and how can it help me log in?

  • A: The DZSA Launcher is an alternative launcher for the game that simplifies server browsing and joining. It prompts you to set your nickname during installation, ensuring you won't face issues with restricted names like "Survivor."

Q4: How do I install and use DZSA Launcher?

  • A: Here are the steps to install and use DZSA Launcher:
    1. Download the DZSA Launcher from the official website.
    2. Install the launcher following the on-screen instructions.
    3. During installation, you will be prompted to enter your desired nickname. Enter a nickname other than "Survivor."
    4. After installation, use DZSA Launcher to find and join the server. Your nickname will be automatically applied.

Q5: What should I do if I encounter issues with changing my nickname?

  • A: If you experience problems changing your nickname:
    • Ensure you are correctly entering the parameter in the Steam launch options.
    • Verify that you are using the latest version of DZSA Launcher.
    • Contact the server's support team or visit community forums for additional assistance.

Q6: Can I change my nickname back to "Survivor" after logging in?

  • A: No, using the nickname "Survivor" is permanently restricted on this server. You must always use a different nickname to comply with server rules.

For any further questions or assistance, please contact the server support team or visit our community forums. Enjoy your gaming experience!

Question: How can I craft a territory flagpole kit?


To craft a territory flagpole kit, you'll need two sticks and a rope. Follow these steps:

  1. Gather Materials: Ensure you have the following items:

    • 2 sticks
    • 1 rope
  2. Craft the Flagpole Kit:

    • Combine the two sticks and the rope in your crafting interface to create a flagpole kit.
  3. Set Up Your Territory:

    • Once you have your flagpole kit, select a location to establish your territory.
    • Place the flagpole in your desired location.
  4. Name Your Territory and Choose a Flag:

    • After placing the flagpole, you can name your territory.
    • Select a flag to represent your territory from the available options.

Your territory is now established with its own flagpole and flag. Enjoy customizing and managing your new territory!

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out!